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- John Thornhill -

eBay member "planetsms"


Dear Friend,


  Right from the start, I want you to understand something... Did you notice I have already revealed my eBay ID? How many so called 'eBay Guru's' are prepared to do that? If that does not tell you I am genuine nothing will. So please understand this. You can make hundreds per day fast through eBay.  You can reach PowerSeller status in 90 days.  All you need is the right information, tools and "know how"...


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   Look, here is why people give up and Quit:  "They don't have the right information or any idea how to do this easily.  It seems hard... when in fact IT IS NOT HARD AT ALL!"


   You just need the right information and "know how" and you can achieve it easily!


   In order to become and remain an eBay PowerSeller, you must achieve and maintain certain requirements.  These requirements are what keep 95% of eBay merchants down.  These requirements are what separates the "haves" from the "have-nots"...


   You will NOT be part of that 95% by following my system and becoming part of my program!  This program will set you apart and help you achieve and maintain the prestigious level of PowerSeller... in as little as 90 days!


   Did you know that in order to Achieve and Maintain PowerSeller status, you must meet ALL of these requirements below:


  • Achieve & Maintain a minimum feedback rating of 100... and a minimum of 98% total positive feedback

  • Establish a track record of consistent sales achievement

  • Maintain a minimum monthly average total of four (4) sold listings for the past three (3) months

  • Be an active seller for a minimum of three (3) months

  • Keep your account current - i.e. no overdue payments

  • Deliver responses to successful bidders within three (3) business days

  • Uphold the eBay community values

  • Have a good standing by complying with eBay listing policies

I first came across John Thornhill in 2005 on eBay. I'd been a successful eBay seller and PowerSeller for a few years selling physical items - (actually, whilst writing this I have just checked and I joined eBay on 24.11.01 which is exactly to the day a year earlier than John on 24.11.02 - how bizarre is that?) - anyway, I digress...

I remember that a strange PowerSeller symbol had appeared next to my eBay ID and I wondered what the heck it was and why I had it, so I mistakenly entered `PowerSeller' into the wrong search box (the product one instead of the Help one) and, hey presto, up popped John's 90-Day PowerSeller Challenge eBook (note the significance of a good eBay title for those not necessarily looking in the `Everything Else > Information Products' section). I bought his eBook for 0.99, I think it was, and after reading it in total fascination, I clicked the link to purchase John's `Your Own eBook Business' package.

I was excited to discover not only a great looking eBook website and 100s of eBooks at my disposal, but also an amazing private forum. Looking back now, that forum was only two months old and I was the 162nd person to join and what a total revelation it was. Loads of people offering advice and tips - perfect for someone that felt a total newbie and didn't know what the heck she was doing.

The thing that struck me most, though, was that EVERYONE was learning, even those who joined just two months before on the first day of opening the forum `doors' - including John. Of course, everyone knew that John was the `boss' but he was always there, answering questions, giving tips and even asking questions himself and asking for help. That's one of the many reasons why I had and still have total respect for him - I never got the impression that he was `keeping anything to himself'. Everything was laid bare - he would tell us exactly how he did things, discuss ideas or half ideas he had, ask us questions about our on-line problems, try to solve them - and even told us about any blunders or `cock-ups' he'd made. He was, and still is, totally approachable and always willing to help with anything you may ask him.

When it came to creating my first information product, John was always there with constructive advice and I was delighted that he started to list it on eBay in his own store and still does. In fact every product I have created since has always been sent to John for review and for his opinion, and I've been lucky enough to have him promote them for me, which anyone who has had a product actively promoted by John will know is a terrific boost, both to one's confidence and, of course, financially.

I've always found John a wise, calm, fair and genuine person who has helped me out from such little things as `help, I don't think I've set this $7 script up correctly, what did I do wrong?' To advising me how I could better set up a backend to a particular product. He's even contacted me out of the blue to ask me how I'm getting on with a project and offering to help in any way he can - reminding me that he's there.

Because John is so successful, it's easy to think that he won't have time to answer your questions or to help you, indeed it would be easy to think that small things that you are having a problem with would be too petty to bother him with. However, this is totally not the case.

One of the most admirable things about John is that he hasn't suddenly got `too big for his boots' - he's not turned into some high-fallutin' guru who's too precious to remember that he was once, not so very long ago, dabbling part-time in IM and holding down a mind-numbing factory job. He can actually remember what it was like when he was first trying to get to grips with creating a website from scratch, uploading items to his webspace, installing autodelivery scripts, struggling to create his own product and starting out building his mailing list.

If he can't help you get a successful online business up and running, then no-one can. If I had to do it all over again, I would've bought the 90-day PowerSeller eBook the first day he listed it on eBay - I definitely wasted a few months!

Paula Brett
   You see, that is what keeps most eBay sellers from reaching PowerSeller status.  I am going to make it a breeze for you.  I am going to do the same for you that I've already done for hundreds before you.  I am going to have you as a PowerSeller in 90 QUICK days!

   Once you reach that status, everything changes and it becomes easier to attract hundreds of dollars per day!

   On top of all those requirements, you would need to be able to create a product right from the beginning!  You would need to set everything up all by yourself, from scratch.  You'd then have to build a system slowly to get enough positive feedback -- in order to increase sales...

   Well, you don't have to worry about any of that.  You don't have to go down that frustrating road!  I've made it easy for you!  In fact, I fully Guarantee you that this program is the easiest way to earning hundreds per day through eBay found anywhere online!

   How powerful is that?

   You are not going to have to worry about all these "requirements" or the "start-up workloads" necessary to gain PowerSeller status.  I'm serious.  You will not have to worry one Single second about any of this!

   There will be no frustrations for you.  There will be no excessive workloads!  You will be able to skip right past all of this and head straight to the top!

   How you ask?

You will be using a system that is FULLY PREPARED already for you! 

Created By A REAL LIFE eBay PowerSeller Who Has Been Using

The Same System & Strategies For Years Successfully!!



   One of the fastest ways to become successful is to follow someone else who is already successful.  Find someone who is already where you want to be and model them.  Do as they do and use the same tools, systems and strategies they do.

   Well, this system has been created and prepared so that you can do exactly that!  This system takes you and leads you right down the path to success.  And, when I say success... I am talking about being an eBay PowerSeller that earns hundreds per day and thousands each and every month consistently!

   Leave all the frustrations and pain to the other 95%... who will never achieve this status and will give up before they even begin.  Leave all that time, energy and tiresome effort to others.  You take the easy, smart and quicker route -- which is right here with this program!

I've known John for over 2 years now, ever since I joined his private forum through the "Your Own eBook Business" site. That was a great opportunity to get to know John, and see that he really does help and advise the people who are members of his sites.

I first started asking for John's advice via the occasional private message, just little questions every now and again. He always answered and always gave good advice, so naturally I paid even more attention to what he said.

Long story short - I eventually had a product that I believed could be a good seller. I had listened to John's words about creating my own product and took it on-board. After 'finishing' it, I asked John if he would take a look and offer any opinions and thoughts.

John came back with a plethora of tips and suggestions, causing me to expand my initial work by an extra 30% of really good content and making me even more proud of my work.
(It's strange how some people can draw out skills and talents that we often miss ourselves)

He also offered some solid info on marketing the product (and has done on subsequent products also). The net result was a product that (with more advice from John) has gone on to be a constant seller, and has built my list and brought in sales every week since it launched!

Or should I say that was the starting result!

I've since listened and acted on other suggestions of John's which have lead to the creation of another 3 websites which all bring in regular income. One of which is a product I ended up co-authoring with John, and has received tremendous feedback from all who have read it.

It would be easy to end this here and just talk of the products I've created and the income I've made through receiving Johns' help and guidance. However - there are also other aspects to working with John that are very worthy of a mention. As a direct result of working with John I have also formed some great relationships and partnerships with other marketers who also have a good relationship with John. The results of which have benefited each of us in terms of both incomes and collaborations on other projects.

Some of the people I now rely on are guys I've got to know because of either a direct introduction from John, or due to me having worked with John and them then approaching me.

Having now achieved a very reasonable degree of success in my own right, I still make sure I keep John informed of my activities, as he still continues to offer support, encouragement and advice that I take on-board and act upon to my benefit.

Finally I would like to add that one of the things that impresses me with John (as opposed to many guru type coaches) is that he is real. He works 4 days a week and then spends time with his family, he doesn't rely on flying around the world to maintain his contacts and keep his income levels up due to a network of big names.... he achieves his success through his own work rate and knowledge, and by building his relationships based on mutual benefit and quality of products....

That's the sort of guy I want to keep learning from, not some overnight success who's here today and gone tomorrow, along with most of what they teach.

John has been there whenever I've had queries, questions or challenges, and he's always pointed me in the right direction. I was earning hundreds of dollars a month steadily but with John's help and coaching that's been raised to constant 4 figure incomes. And I'm sure with John's continued support it will eventually rise again to a 5 figure income.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in referring my family, friends or subscribers to John if they are looking for someone who will ensure their success.

Best Regards,

Randy Smith

   What do I sell on eBay you ask??



I Sell "Information" On eBay...

Because People Buy Information Left And Right,

All Day Long -- Every Day -- Quickly!


   Yes, not only am I successfully selling information, I am also presently making hundreds per day for only investing about 1 to 2 hours per day!  The money I make increases non-stop... even while you are reading this page!


   Look, many people make the BIG mistake of thinking that information don't sell...


   In fact, information is still one of the best and fastest selling items on eBay!


   The most sought after item on the Internet is INFORMATION!  The Internet is the Information Superhighway!  People log onto the net because they want information. 


   I have been making thousands and thousands of dollars by selling information on eBay.  Guess what, you CAN probably double, triple or quadruple the amount I make if you put in more effort than I do -- easily!


   Listen, eBooks currently sell like wild-fire on eBay!  You will find out how to do this easily once inside the program!



I first met John back in 2005 when I joined his "PlanetSMS eBook Seller Program" which I had purchased from him on eBay. I logged into the members area and joined the members forum, I naturally had a lot of questions so I started to ask away, I received help from the other members and John himself.

Once all of my questions were answered, I continued to post on the forum, helping other members and chatting about anything and everything. John had a very strong presence on the board and we soon built up a rapport that would eventually lead to John asking me to moderate the forum with him.

As well as helping with the forum, John always found time to give me advice that still helps me to this day. I remember the very first eBook that I wrote (after John suggested it to me!), I must have emailed John 4 or 5 copies of the eBook for him to review and each time he would come back with a helpful answer that made the product all the more successful when it was completed.

Not content with reviewing the product for me, John offered to help promote the eBook to his existing members and his mailing list. This gave the eBook much more exposure than I could have ever dreamed of and made it a run away success. This was still back in 2005, the best was yet to come!

As we both continued with our businesses, we have stayed in very close contact, bouncing ideas off each other. John is always there to answer questions and give you advice, he is the most approachable "guru" (I said it!) on the Internet.

As well as helping me with product creation, John also helps me with promoting the product. This alone has made me thousands of pounds that I wouldn't have made if it wasn't for the help I received from John, he got me started in the IM business and if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be sat here, earning a full time income working from home, typing this email message!


Dan Thompson



View My Earnings Below And See Real Proof

That I Know What I Am Talking About...



   This was taken from my eBay selling manager's "sold items" schedule and I assure you it has not been edited in any way.



(This is just one of my many accounts)

Here's another account over the same 30 day period

My PayPal Earnings for a single month.

In Fact in 2007 I earned Over Quarter of a Million Dollars From My Various Online Accounts.  And It's Nearly All From Selling eBooks and information products.

Hi John
I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for introducing me to eBooks and Internet Marketing. How my life has changed since I joined your planetsms membership. I am now a work from home mum, which is fantastic because I'm there for the kids when they come home
from school or are ill, and I will never have to miss a school play or sports day again.
I have achieved so much in the 10 weeks since I joined. My eBook website is up and running and I have just opened up my eBay shop, which is doing very well, and I am half way through writing my own eBook, which I am very excited about and I couldn't of done it without your guidance.

So thank you John. Its the best money I've ever spent and to be honest, I would have paid that for the forum alone. The Information and support on their is priceless and everybody has been so friendly and supportive. I only have one regret and that's that I didn't join years ago.

Best Wishes


This system makes you money for doing very little!  You can get paid this sort of HUGE Income month after month if you follow my instructions!


   As you can see above, that I am earning Over 2,500 ($5,000) Per Week!


   Just follow this system and this can be doubled, tripled and even quadrupled if you just put in more effort than I do!



I Guarantee YOU Will Achieve At Least Bronze eBay PowerSeller
In 90 Quick Days! Or I Will Refund Every Penny.



   You can take my system for a test drive and see for yourself.  You get to try it out.  You get to duplicate what I do.  Model my entire eBay business model and get your hands on the EXACT same website and tools I'm using to sell eBooks successfully day after day!


   There is no better or quicker way to achieve this status than through this program. You will be joining countless others who are now earning thousands per month from the comfort of their own homes!


   Normally, this chart below shows what you have to accomplish in order to become an eBay PowerSeller:


PowerSeller Level

Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV)

Quantity of Items sold

















   You will need to either SELL a certain number of items every Month for a minimum of 3 Months, or MAKE a certain amount of money every Month for 3 Months as shown in the chart above.


   I'll have you there in 90 days!



You Will Be Learning Crucial Strategies

And Following My System That Will Separate

Your Listings From Thousands Of Others...



 Listen, you are getting deep strategies from an eBay PowerSeller!  You can not go wrong with this system.  It is fully guaranteed and tons of people have achieved PowerSeller status through this system already!


   This is why I can absolutely Guarantee you that you too will achieve this prestigious status through eBay in as little as 90 days! 


This is not just a case of buying a few eBooks and listing them on eBay either!


   You will be following a proven system that has been making me and others hundreds of dollars per day for years!  It is proven.  It flat-out works!


What can I say? You were there from the very beginning John. In fact, you were the one who got me into internet marketing in the first place. I remember I used to use eBay just to sell old items lying around the house. But one day when I was browsing eBay, I came across your Ninety Day PowerSeller package.

I was looking for another way to make some extra cash, so I bought it. Little did I know that I was going to make way more than just some extra cash :-D.

With that one membership you introduced to me a whole new online world that I wasn't even aware of. You gave me several options to make money like digital items on eBay, affiliate marketing, building a subscriber list, etc along with step-by-step instructions to earning an income online.

But, I believe the most important thing you gave me was the forum. Not only did I get helpful tips and advice from you and the other members, but it also allowed me to build a relationship with many other marketers, which allowed me to get to where I am today.

Ever since I purchased the Ninety Day PowerSeller membership, I have continually been more than satisfied with the quality of your products. Auction Profit Streams, Auction Traffic Explosion, Mentorship Monthly, and your new Resale Rights Blueprint have all been extremely helpful to my business, and I wouldn't expect anything less from your coaching program.

I've learned so much from you in the past year and a half, and cannot thank you enough.


Brian Hale



After you join me inside, this is what you will receive:


Part 1: eBay

You will get every single product I currently sell on eBay plus more. Check my other items or my eBay store. These are worth more than the price of this item alone.

You will get every single product I acquire in the future. You will never have to pay for an eBook again. I add at least 3 eBooks per month to the members area, usually more.

I can pay up to $97 for a single eBook and you will get them free.

I will show you how to set-up everything from listing your first product to creating an information product that can bring in $1000s.

You will find out the secrets most other PowerSellers DON'T know.

I will give you 24/7 support and advice. If you run into problems just contact me.

You will be provided with listing templates, simply copy them, edit them as you wish and paste them into your eBay listings.

You will be provided with CD Rom templates, simply copy them, edit them as you wish and use them to create fantastic looking physical products.

I will provide you with 1000s of auction templates, web templates, selling tools and more. Again, this is worth the price of this auction alone.

I will provide you with everything you need to run your eBay business. Simply copy all my listings, replace my details with yours and send them out to your customers. I will also provide you with the best way to package your own info product that can bring in 100s per week. Just like I am doing.

What you are buying is a complete package, my experience and my support. Plus any future info/knowledge I gain. Who else could offer this sort of package.

In fact you could become even more profitable than me as I will be committed to providing you with every product I sell on eBay. Remember, you can add your own products and sell even more.

Please remember this, eBay feedback can't lie. Mine is there for you to see.


Part 2: Website

Do you know how much it costs for your own professionally designed website?  It can run you up to $10,000

Don't worry though!  I am able to provide you with your very own Professionally designed website included with this program!

I will even stock it with the Best Selling eBooks on the Internet!  Once you are setup correctly, it becomes fully automated!  You'll love the auto-pilot features as it makes you money while you sleep!

Just sit back and watch the money roll in... as I've been doing with this same concept for years!

You will also receive FREE Life-Time Updates!  When I update the site, you can update yours.  Therefore, you are getting a website that will grow and grow and make you more and more money as time goes by!

You Will Have Everything
Completely Prepared For You...

This is NOT like the other eBook websites you may have seen where the seller takes a percentage of your earnings or promotes their own product through some crazy membership scheme.

This is your very OWN website that you own, run and promote. You keep 100% of the sales and profits this website generates for you!

From single sales to package sales, you keep every red cent.

You can edit this site in any way you want via the easy edit control panel and charge what you want for your products in any currency!

You can add your own products, use it to build a list and even generate an affiliate income. On complete auto pilot.

Is that powerful or what?


Part 3: Affiliates

Affiliate Marketing is accomplished when you send visitors to a website, and they go on to make a purchase... then you earn a commission from that particular sale.

This commission can be as high as 75% of the sale!

Well, I will show you how to really boost your income daily by taking advantage of these affiliate programs.

I will show you my DEEP Underground Tactics for really raking it in!!

Once you are inside the program, these types of strategies will blow your mind!

You'll have to see for yourself once you jump on board with us.  I can not reveal this here in public like this.  It is reserved for my closest friends on the inside of this program!

Look, I will show you how to create a product that will earn you money for years to come... for doing absolutely nothing!



This Dynamic Program Can Provide You With A Full-Time

Income Working From Home For A Couple Of Hours Each Day!!



   Once you are inside you will have all of this ready for you so you can start immediately!  In no time, you will be earning the kind of income most people only dream about.  I've been doing this for years.  I have hundreds of others who are doing the exact same thing!


   Now, it's your turn! 


   Here is a breakdown of everything you are going to get once inside:



#1)  Getting Started? - Here you will be shown the best way to get started, what to do, where to go, etc.

#2)  Why Sell eBooks? - You will see how eBooks are the BIGGEST seller and why you need to get involved.

#3)  What you will need - You will see everything you need to make things run smoothly.


#1)  Life Without eBay - You will be shown why you shouldn't rely on eBay as a sole form of income and what you can do to ensure if eBay closed tomorrow you could still survive.

#2)  Rules You Must Follow - This section discusses the rules you must follow and why only a fool would break these rules.

#3)  Importance Of Feedback - You will learn how crucial a good feedback score is and how to keep your feedback rating high.

#4)  Choosing The Title - This is where so many sellers fail. You will learn how to create an eye catching title.

#5)  Listing Tips - Very important page, this shows you how to list effectively.

#6)  Automate Delivery - Earn while you sleep. Put everything on 100% auto pilot. Get on with your life and still make huge income.

#7)  Physical Delivery - This section shows you how to make the most from your physical items including how to make sure you impress your customers.

#8)   Open An eBay Store - You will learn why you must have an eBay store and how to promote it.

#9)   Generate Visitors - You will see how to generate visitors for FREE and bring back customers again and again.

#10) Classified Ads - Here I discuss how to run an effective classified ad. I also show you what you must be doing with your classified ads.

#11)  Becoming a PowerSeller - Follow these simple rules and you will become a PowerSeller fast!

#12)  CD Rom Templates - Here you will find all the templates needed to create an eye catching multimedia CD rom.

#13) Listing Templates - Here you can download ready made listing templates that you can use to create professional looking auctions.

eBook Marketing

#1)  Your own eBook - You will learn why you need to create your own product and how to do it.

#2)  Going Viral - Learn how to make your eBooks go viral and earn you money on autopilot.

#3)  Private Label Tips - Discover exactly how I have earned 1000s from private label material.

#4)  Affiliate Marketing - Learn how so many authors are earning a massive affiliate income from their eBooks.

eBook Downloads

#1) All My eBooks - Here you can download every eBook I have ever sold on eBay past and present. You will also get every single eBook I sell in the future free.

#2) Members eBooks - Here you can download eBooks created by members, you can also add any eBooks you create yourself here.

#3) Brandable eBooks - Here you can download a collection of brandable eBooks, these can earn you an instant affiliate income.

#4) Private Label eBooks - Here you can download a collection of private label eBooks. Edit the content any way you wish and even put your name as the author, it does not get any easier than this.

eBook Website Section

#1) eBook Website - Download your 100% auto-pilot eBook website here.

#2) Set up Website - You will see how to set up your website in under 10 minutes. You will also be shown how to edit the website and add your own products. This is about as turn-key as it gets.

Audio & Video

#1)  Video Tutorials - Learn a ton of stuff here from making money on eBay to creating multimedia CD Rom's. This section is constantly updated with new material.

#2)  Audios - Listen to a ton of audio related material that can help your business grow. This section is also constantly updated.

And Finally...

Members Only Forum Very popular and probably the most important part of the whole package, you will learn lots of things here and can share views on eBooks, eBay and internet marketing in general. This is not some crappy forum with a few posts, this is a highly active members only forum with over 100,000 posts. In fact the contacts you will make here are probably the most important part of the whole package. You cannot get access to this forum anywhere else.



As You Can Clearly See, This Program Is Unlike Anything

Available For Making Tons Of Cash Quickly Using eBay!


I first met John Thornhill around the end of May 2006 when I logged onto eBay to make a purchase. I don't recall exactly what it was that I was going to purchase at the time.

Anyway, while I was browsing eBay I came across an eBook and I purchased and read it. It was interesting so I purchased a few more. After reading a few eBooks on “Internet Marketing” and on “Selling eBooks” I knew that I was interested in going into the internet marketing field.

After browsing around on eBay I realized right away that John Thornhill was an expert in the internet marketing field. More specifically, I realized he was “THE EXPERT” in selling eBooks and digital information products on eBay.  In early June 2006 I stumbled upon John’s Planetsms, 90 Day Powerseller Challenge eBook on eBay. I purchased the eBook and read it.  It was more than interesting and unlike any eBook or book that I had ever read.

This was all new to me and I wanted to learn more so I joined his membership site.

The eBook was so full of information that I needed and wanted to know about.  I thought it was brilliant. It was well laid out in plain layman’s terms and in such a way that even a child could understand it. Once I started to read it, I could not put it down. I was shocked and amazed at what he revealed in his eBook. It was unbelievable.

Here was a well known and respected eBay PowerSeller who was spilling his guts and sharing his information and formula in a step by step, take you by the hand and walk you through it guide, on how to become a PowerSeller on eBay in 90 days or less.  That was unheard of.

AND he was challenging and practically daring anyone who was reading the eBook to follow in his footsteps to achieve that same status.

It seemed to me that he was saying—Come on I dare you to take me up on this because if you do what I say and follow what I have laid out in this eBook the worst thing that can happen is that YOU WILL BECOME A POWERSELLER and the best thing that could happen is YOU WILL BECOME A POWERSELLER.

It was a catch 22. He sucked me right in with that one.I thought to myself—Is this true, you have got to be kidding me, why would he do this?

It gave me a headache just thinking about all of the possibilities and what an opportunity this was.  I then thought hmmm… maybe just maybe I can achieve that goal with his help and if I set my mind to it.

So I decided that I would take the challenge. I did what he suggested in his eBook but I also knew that I had a lot to learn; as a matter of fact I had everything to learn because I was as green as they come and a total rookie!

When I logged into John’s membership site, I was overwhelmed with the amount of information that he provided there. It was mind boggling. He was not holding anything back and encouraging you to do what he had done.

Sometimes I would lose track of time because I would spend hours on the site just trying to absorb some of the information there. I was trying to learn what I needed to know to get into the internet marketing field. I was both blown away and impressed at the same time. I would go into the forum every chance I got to read the different posts on many different subjects related to what I needed to learn.

I mostly read on the subject of selling eBooks on eBay and the information for newbies because I was truly a rookie who did not have a clue as to what I was doing.

All I knew was that I was very interested and excited about what I had just discovered. I wanted to learn more about what I needed to know and I wanted to learn the right way how things were suppose to be done.

I was awe struck as I read through the forum because I had never been one to go into forums, but I was so mesmerized by this one that I could not stop myself from going there.  It was addicting.

To my surprise I found that there were people there who knew the field pretty well and were willing to help in any way that they could and they were sharing this information unconditionally.

I also found that there were a lot of newbies there as well who were just a green as I was! Yet everyone was so willing to help and answer questions now matter how dumb anyone thought the question might be.

That impressed me even more.

Here was a place where I could go to get the help that I needed.  Even though I was very interested in getting into the internet marketing field, I knew that I was in desperate need of help.

I thought to myself, what have I had gotten myself into and where do I start?

To my surprise I found that I was welcomed with open arms there. No one would judge me or anyone else or think that I was stupid because I didn’t know anything about the field and was trying to learn.

I had never experienced anything like that before because so many people are always so judgmental and they most certainly are not willing to give of themselves so freely to help a total stranger. I found that the information there was genuine and very useful. I also found that the people there were very friendly and respectful of one another.  I loved that.

I felt that I had found a place where I could be comfortable and not have to worry about dealing with anyone being irate or blasting and tearing down one another. Instead it was just a lot of friendly people all headed in the same direction. Everyone seemed to be trying to achieve the same goal. They were willing to share their expertise with each other and with anybody that wanted and needed it with no questions asked.

That is something that you just don’t find every day. So I was constantly checking out this website.I have to admit. I did not do a lot of posting because it was so new to me, but did do a lot of reading. This was an excellent field for me because I love to write and type and I love being on the computer.

There is and old saying that goes "when the student is ready the teacher will appear." That is oh so true in my case. I know that I was ready and miraculously… there was John, the teacher.

Through John’s membership site, coaching program and the resources he made available to me, I was able to do something I never thought I would be able to do.

I was able to build my first blog from scratch, write what John called "excellently" (very high praise to me coming from him), and write and publish my first eBook.

I was able to do all of that without knowing anything about building websites, writing eBooks, or anything else involved with becoming and internet marketer.  I just did what he asked and followed his advice.

It is so funny now because before John taught me, I had heard about but didn’t even know what a blog was.  Now I have built my own.

I have to give all of the credit for what I have learned about internet marketing to John, his membership sites and his treasure chest of resources.

If it wasn’t for him and that dog gone eBook of his, along with the support and tools I received through his membership sites, emails and his other resources, I don’t know if I would have remained interested in pursuing the internet marketing field.

And if I did remain I would probably still be that little green rookie out there getting ripped off while searching for someone that I could trust to help me get to where I was trying to go.

There is so much bogus information out there with a lot of so called “Gurus” peddling junk until you can easily get bogged down and you don’t know who to trust or what to believe.

I don’t have that problem anymore. Instead I know that I have been very well educated by none other than (in my opinion) the best of the best in the internet marketing field.

I know that I have made a lifelong friend and I will always definitely welcome his help in one way or another.  But instead of feeling overwhelmed and clueless, I now feel much more confident that I know what I am doing because I have done it, thanks to John.

He took me by the hand and under his wing and taught me everything I needed to know to pursue the field of internet marketing the correct way.

There is no doubt in my mind that he will always be there for me whenever I need him and he will be there for you too should you decide to join him.

Don’t just sit there and do nothing. If you are interested and really want to learn how to build an internet marketing business the correct way from the ground up, join him and let him do for you what he has done for me.

Check out his membership site, you have nothing to lose and you will gain a wealth of knowledge. Thank you, John, for everything that you have done for me. I couldn't have done it without your guidance and patience.

Take care.

Warm Regards,



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How much time do I need to run this business?







Once set-up all you need is about 30 - 90 minutes a day to run this type of business. Of course, put in more time and you can make more money.


How many other business can earn a full time income for only a few hours work per week?



Wont everyone that buys this package
from you have the same website?



To start with yes, however, but you only need to spend a few minutes changing things from your control panel and the site is instantly personalized and unique for you.

Other than that, you can easily edit or change the website as you wish anytime. You can also add your own products and have your own personal domain name that you choose. Also, the odds of people seeing other sites like yours are very slim indeed as the internet is so massive.

If you want to see a few examples of websites my members have created by editing mine let me know, and I will personally show you some sites that are the same but at the same time very different.



Why would people buy from my website?



Do you know how big the internet is? What about the biggest seller on the Internet? When you log on to the internet, what are you looking for?

Information, and information (in the form of

eBooks) is probably the internet's biggest seller.


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Will you be creating competition
for yourself by letting others duplicate
your strategies?



The answer is No.

I have been selling a similar package to this for over 4 years and have NOT seen a decrease in sales.

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I don't live in the UK.  Will this be a problem?



No! Although I talk in pounds sterling, it makes no difference what country you are from. All you need to do is use a simple currency converter and list and sell items in your own currency.

The same goes for the website I supply. You can sell in ANY currency PayPal supports.


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